New AUTO baud rate feature ?

In my quest to make my board behave I may have just come across an oddity and as its happening on my errant MKR I figured I would post it here.

Currently running IDE 1.6.9 (not hourly) under Win 7 x64.
All cores and libs are up to date.

Doing a lot of debug to serial console.
I have the sketch set to 9600 via

    void setup() {
      //Initialize serial and wait for port to open:
      while (!Serial) 
        ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only

I can read the output just fine.

Now this is where it goes askew.
Change the serial rate in the output window to 19200 and there is no garbage it is still 100% readable.
Closed the window and then re-open just in case the baud rate had not taken but it had.

Repeat and change to 38400 and just the same. I can read the output.

Repeat and change to 52600 and again I can read the output.

Etc. etc. etc.

I can also do this in Coolterm too so I dont think its the IDE

No I am not complaining as it means I don't even have to figure out what baud rate I have the board set as it seems to auto adjust to whatever I am listening at.

If this is specific to the MKR can somebody with GOD power chuck it back in there please.

Just an interesting thing that's all.

I had to look up MKR to see what you are talking about. Having a look at the schematic it appears the data lines of the USB go to a USB interface of the MCU. So, yes, just like the Leonardo, baud rate should not matter. You don’t have a serial interface. It is more or less simulating serial. If you were to connect a USB-to-serial adapter such as an FTDI Basic to pins 13 and 14 to use the UART serial, you may find that the baud rate on those pins matters.