New Bluetooth Question!

Hi Guys,

I don’t know too much about Bluetooth but I play a bit with HC-05/06 chips and I was able to get a successful dual communication.

Now, I purchased a bluetooth board that has FCC and let me tell you…it’s been painful. I attached the documents information (guide and datasheet for reference)

The issue I’m having is:

  1. Using a Mega board.
  2. I connected the bt_RX → serial2_Tx, and bt_Tx–>serial2_Rx - good so far.
  3. When I send commands from bt----> board is OK
  4. When board sends command to bt = NOT OK.

All of the above WAS NOT USING softwareserial.

OK now…IF, I use software serial AND I assign (swap) the connection (not physically swamping the cables)
bt_RX —>serial2.RX

Then, the bluetooth RECEIVES data from my board…BUT the board wont receive commands from the bluetooth.

OK, now someone my say to me, well the softwareserial is not good…half-comunication…etc

But, my question is, why bt_tx —>board_tx worked the first place??? that should not work right?


datasheet.pdf (915 KB)

Software serial is surely not the problem, or the answer. Indeed it is particularly irrelevant when using a Mega, and something else is going on to make things so painful for you. I rather suspect that the real problem is understanding what this thing is about and, after a quick look at the data sheet, that can hardly be a surprise. For starters it seems to say it is a bluetooth 2 device, yet mentions IOS compliance. I don't think that should be happening. What is also unclear is why you got it and what you expect to do with it. I guess the first thing to do is understand the default settings, and particularly the protocol. It says it has SPP, so it should able to be pressed into service with an Arduino, but what it has to offer over the HC-05 already in service is far from clear.

Good point. The main reason why I’m using this bt is because FCC compliance. It already has it. HC-05 will be more expensive for me since I’m just a startup business and i can’t eat the cost.

Also, all that i’m using this bt for is to send sensors data (so just a bunch of numbers <1,2,3,4,5,6…etc> per println.

The chip has SPP profile on it. I was able to receive data from the arduino, but again…it was using softwareserial to change the pins (not physically swapping the wire connections)

The other issue i have is the language barrier…the supplier its hard to understand and explain concerns to them.

Thanks! and I Appreciate your help!

but again…it was using softwareserial to change the pins (not physically swapping the wire connections)

I’m not sure I understand this, but it sounds depressingly like you are using software serial on hardware serial pins. This is not only the kiss of death and you deserve all the grief you get, but also particularly dumb if you are using a Mega. If this is the case, I suggest you delete the post immediately - before somebody else finds out about it.

I have no idea why you are giving the slightest consideration to software serial. It makes no sense, and may even be a cause of your problem rather than a solution.