New board out! 8 channel Solid State Relay (SSR)

I've come up with a new board based on eight of PVT212 and a TPIC6C595 shift register.

Here's a couple pics and a couple of videos of one of the chips controlling a C6060 LED module from 5V, the power supply that came with the module is rated for 700mA, so it's pretty bright.

The chip is rated for +/- 150V (Yes, AC or DC) and 825mA. 0.25 ohm turn on resistance the way I have it wired up. Indicator LED on each one to tell you when it's on if you're using something not quite so obvious (or for development).

Female header video Screw terminals video

Notice how quiet it is - no relay switching noise!



SSR with female headers.jpg|1630x776

SSR with screw terminals.jpg|1630x776