New book - "Beginning Arduino"

I can’t post in the News section so this is the next best place…

Thought i’d tell you about my new book, “Beginning Arduino” that is now available:-



The book is desined to take absolute beginners in both electronics and programming through a total of 50 projetcs, learning as you go, until by Project 50 you are proficient at using the Arduino.

You will learn such things as:-

  • Controling motors and servos
  • LCD Displays
  • Ethernet shield usage
  • sending data to Pachube
  • Scrolling text on LED displays
  • Touch screens
  • Reading and writing to SD cards
  • Making a line following robot

…and so on. The style of the book is easy going, with the reader diving right into projects from the start and not learning theory first. The best way to learn, in my opinion, is to get stuck in and learn as you go along.

The book is full of colour diagrams showing breadboard circuit diagrams using Fritzing and full code for each project is included. The chapter then explains in easy to follow, step by step procedures, how both the electronics and the code works so you get a full understanding of how to use the Arduino, how to program it and how to use components with it. Each project builds on the knowledge of previous projects.

This is the book I wish I had when I first started in Arduino development. It’s available now and would make a great Xmas present.



How come it’s on the US amazon?

It’s on both US and UK Amazon. I’ve added the links.

Whoa, that’s nearly twice as expensive as the US version!

So buy it from the US Amazon then or get it elsewhere if you want it. Amazon sets their own prices, nothing to do with the publisher. It’s also available direct from Apress or other book sellers such as Barnes and Noble.

Beginning Arduino is now available from Safari Books Online too -

FYI, here is the book description from Apress:

In Beginning Arduino you will learn all about the popular Arduino microcontroller by working your way through an amazing set of 50 cool projects. You’ll progress from a complete beginner regarding Arduino programming and electronics knowledge to intermediate skills and the confidence to create your own amazing Arduino projects. Absolutely no experience in programming or electronics required!

Rather than requiring you to wade through pages of theory before you start making things, this book has a handson approach. You will dive into making projects right from the start, learning how to use various electronic components and how to program the Arduino to control or communicate with those components.

Each project is designed to build upon the knowledge learned in earlier projects and to further your knowledge in programming as well as skills with electronics. By the end of the book you will be able create your own projects confidently and with creativity.
What you’ll learn
Using a proven teaching style with clear breadboard diagrams, full code listings, and simple step-by-step instructions, you will learn fun things such as:

  • Controlling LEDs
  • Displaying text and graphics on LCD displays
  • Making a line-following robot
  • Using touch screens
  • Using digital pressure sensors
  • Reading and writing data to SD cards
  • Connecting your Arduino to the Internet

Who this book is for

Electronics enthusiasts who are new to the Arduino as well as artists and hobbyists who want to learn this very popular platform for physical computing and electronic art.

I’ve ordered it from US amazon. It was £22.90 including delivery but it’ll take a while to arrive (late January/early February).

It’s crazy the discrepency in the US and UK prices. I’ve always ordered from the US Amazon if it is cheaper there.

I’m amazed it’s that much. I thought delivery and stuff would up the cost to about the same as ordering in the UK.

I’ll let you know what I think of your book some time around easter :wink:

I’m sure you’ll like it :wink:

FYI Beginning Arduino is now available on the German, French, Canadian and Japanese Amazon websites as well as the UK and US ones.

If you are in the US and going to 2011 International CES in Las Vegas - this week - Then you can take a look at Beginning Arduino at the Apress booth (South Hall Lower Level - #26618).

Beginning Arduino is now available (as of 10th Jan) from the UK Amazon site:-


I ordered this book three weeks ago from the american Amazon, it worked out at £22 including delivery.
It arrived some time in the last week (I’ve been away).

The book weighs in at over 400 pages. Most of them are monochrome but there’s a full colour section at the back for circuit layouts.

Each chapter covers one subject and each chapter contains a number of projects.
The projects themselves are always clearly laid out following the same formula of Parts Required, Connecting It Up, Enter The Code and Hardware & Software overviews. The overviews contain any explanations needed such as variable types, bitwise operators, decent explanations of what’s going on within components… it’s all well written and really clear.

This is a great book, starting right at the beginning and going through to things like ultrasonic rangefinders, ethernet control and SD cards. I wish I’d had this to start with, it’s exactly what I was hoping for when I got a starter kit.

This combined with the parts mentioned within would be an expensive, but a truly superb starter kit.

I’ve been arduinoing for months and I’m happy with this beginners book, with a bit of luck it’ll stop me asking stupid questions on here :slight_smile:

Is there free PDF book of arduino?


What do you mean?

Is there free PDF book of arduino?

If you buy the book you can then buy a pdf copy for $10.

Is there a Kindle version? I would like to buy one.

Not yet, but that is coming soon.