New Book: Hacking Electronics

My New book 'Hacking Electronics' is out now on As you might expect it includes quite a lot of Arduino!

Simon, Regarding the other book (co-authored by you) "Practical Electronics for Inventors 3rd edition" -- when will this be released on Kindle/ebook format? Been looking forward to this new edition for a long time!

I searched on Amazon, but only hardcover is available:

Given the weight of the thing I see why you might want it on an eBook reader. The only problem might be that the book contains a lot of detailed and intricate diagrams, so I wouldn't even try on an original Kindle.

I'll check with the publisher.

As Kindle Edition:

Simon, Yes, please do see what they can do to make the diagrams readable. Going by the previous editions, this book is absolute gold, and extremely readable. And the under $25 price on Amazon is affordable for students like me.
And @thewknd: Thanks for the link.