New breakout board to my portfolio: Position sensor sp6100


Yesterday, I was looking for electronics and arduino things in ebay and amazon when I saw this breakout board:

I hadn’t seen a sensor like this before, so I started to search information. I think that is a really new sensor because I haven’t seen nothing about it in the forum.

The sensor is supposed to give the position of the board in x, y and z axes, and the distance that has moved. I imagine that it is like an GPS or something like that. I’m not a expert in electronics, but I think that it uses an Inertial Measurment Unit , and a chip to process the information(I read it in other forum)

I see a video with an example

I buy one board( consumism and freakism , a bad combination hehe), I will tell more when it arrive.
I hope to apply it to my line follower robot ;D ;D ;D

I will atach the program to arduino thah I find. I see that at the start of the program there is the conections that must be done.

Has anyone know something more about this sensor? what do you think about this breakout board?

sp6100basicexample.ino (3.57 KB)

I'm very skeptical; there is no technical information at all and Google doesn't turn up anything on the product. It is interesting that the ebay seller has zero feedback ratings.

Let us know if it works and if so, how well.