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First excuse my bad english, translation has helped me. I wanted to check with Arduino, whether there is the possibility to create a similar board the Banana PI R1 router. However, I would like to 5 ports used as well there, but: 1: WAN 2: LAN & WLAN 3: multi-media devices (TV, Soundbar, Entertain Reciever, etc.) 4: Development, Test, very open unsecured devices precisely 5: NAS, backup etc. Port 3-5 so variable adjustable usable, also possible by software 3-5 to add LAN. Furthermore, should 2 SD cards, memory media to be present in order to integrate a RAID 1 by software or hardware. Cool would certainly also when multiple storage media, for example, would bring up on a Raid 5, Optional design. at least 1 USB port. I am no electronics and no high-level programmer, but I am not quite inexperienced in open source code and configurations.

Should little money and cost / be easy to learn for domestic use Adjustable.

Not possible at all. A banana pi seems to be a computer with powerful processor memory and peripherals. An arduino is not a computer.

liudr: Not at all.

English is fascinating. "Not at all" is usually taken to mean roughly the same thing as "no problem"

I do realize that in this case you mean "It is not possible".


Point taken. The meaning is always what the reader wants it to be. Almost died and almost didn't die mean exactly the same in Chinese since it would be impossible to have died and talked about that experience so they must have made it out alive :D

liudr: The meaning is always what the reader wants it to be.

I had not quite thought of that - but it is so very true.

"Almost didn't die" reminds me of the guy who drowned in a vat of beer. He got out three times for a pee!


OK, that beer vat is old but good.

I think a computing device at the so-called IoT edge to connect to these physical computing platforms is a good idea. Unfortunately, the OP is saying things that don't make sense (to me anyway). The BBB, R-Pi, Intel NUC, may work, but a low power headless Linux box with dual SATA SSD-based (for RAID) is probably what I am wanting. The reason is so my project can run without an internet connection (off-Cloud), it will have an expert system (the software that makes system related decisions) and the related data in a local device (on the edge or off-grid). The IoT stuff I've looked at seems to use an off-site data warehouse, and that is not going to work.

I have never heard that usage of “not at all” - As far as I’ve ever heard it used, it’s an emphatic “no”.

The only time I hear it as an affirmative is in the case of things like “Do you mind if I…?” “Not at all” - which is the same meaning - you’re saying No, you do not mind (so they can go ahead and do that). “Yes I do mind” would be telling the person not to do that, because it would bother you.

Back on topic - this is way the hell beyond the capabilities of an Arduino. It is a better fit for something like a Pi or small computer. Compare the amount of data involved with key specs of the chip (this is a good rule of thumb in general - if you’re orders of magnitude away in either direction, it’s a bad sign)

The Edison is probably the most powerful Arduino compatible board but still not up to the banana pi specs(500MHz vs 1GHz). I'm not sure of how feasible it would be to achieve your goal with the Edison.