New C library for accessing serial com. Help needed for testing and extending

Hey arduino community,

I wrote a small library in the language C for accessing serial communication from a GNU/Linux System to an Arduino board. This library runs on a GNU/Linux PC and NOT on the arduino. I need some help with testing and extending it. You can find it on github

This link leads to the latest "release". I tested this only for the Arduino Uno R3 and the project isn't that well documented yet but if you are familiar with C that you can check the header files. The API is not to complicated.

The Library is released under GPL. If you wanna contribute or help or report issues or give some feedback please contact me via github or "PM" me. Your help will be appreciated.


EDIT: New version released (1.9)

EDIT: Added and additional note about the fact that this library runs on the PC side. Thanx robtillaart :slight_smile:
And I updated the link to the newest version of the library (2.0).


i released the version 2.0 of the arduserial library for the language C.

The library has a new 8) autodetect function that make the computer automatically find the port of your arduino connected to you Computer (works currently only for board conntected via USB).

again: I would appreciate any help with testing. If you have ideas for further features, let me now. Of course you can fork my repository and send me your pull requests if you made something smart.

If you have a board other than the Arduino Uno it would be nice if you try the library out and send me some feedback.


Additional note: it is code that runs on the LINUX box, it is not Arduino code that needs to be tested.