New Charlie-plexed LED Matrix Board


Kit containing a PICO1TR and PICO1TR-LED-L.
PICO1TR-LED-L is an 8x8 charlie-plexed matrix of
LEDs. There are options for six pushbuttons
and one pot. None of the SPI or I2C lines are used
for the matrix. Pricing is $30 (total for both kits)

Software and Application Hints

For the PICO1TR-LED-L I wrote a library and Perl script.
The script converts an ASCII representation of the
LED matrix (space character = OFF, non-space character = ON)
into a packed binary array. The script generates a .c and .h
file that the library includes. The library, script
and two examples are at

For the PICO1TR-LED-L (and the future PICO1TR-LED-x) boards I have
generated drill templates that can be used to create wooden front
panels. Information about the drill template and the first wooden case
I made are at –
(A new video will be up as soon as the poly dries :wink:

(* jcl *)