New computer and Arduino 1.01

I installed ver 1.01 of the IDE and even though I have copied my working libraries to the new directory I get mesages like these (Typical) parsing.pde:-1: error: 'Adafruit_GPS' does not name a type, same for 4 working sketches. In my experience the libraries aren't there or not properly installed and when I click on the Arduino IDE It won't start, the only way to start it is to click on a sketch. any Idea's??? HELP. I'm out of business.


Did you install the IDE by downloading, or did you restore it from a backup? If from a backup, delete the preferences.txt file, delete the IDE, and install from a download.

Have you verified the sketchbook location in preferences?

Any security software that could be interfering with the IDE?

Well one more proof as to how badly screwed up Windows is... Everything works now... So Far and I didn't do anything to it. But until further incidents require it. I'm going to leave well enough alone...