New Demilanove not powered by USB

I just bought a new Demilanove. When i connect it to my computer, which works with a separate board that I have been using, the power light turns on then fades to off. I also do not get the normal notification that new hardware has been connected. Since this is a new version of the board there isn't a power source jumper for me to have in the wrong position.

I am using XP and Arduino.exe v0012.

Do i have a bad board?


The Duemilanove has no jumper to switch between the supply. The board switchs automaticlly between the power source.

Is it a board from Arduino ore a other one?

Did you search in your PC for a new hardware? The board is normally detected as USB serial port.

Are you connecting the duemilenove straight to a usb port on the pc or through a usb hub ? If it's through a hub, try hooking the board directly to the pc.

Sorry if this is a bit basic and you've already ruled this out.




The board is from arduino. I am having trouble installing the USB drivers on my PC because I didn't uncheck the "don't bother you again when you connect this device" check box at the end of the Hardware Wizard when I canceled. But, that is not my current issue.

Another arduino board works perfectly on my laptop but the same things happens with my new one.


yes, it is hooked directly to the PC or Laptop.

right now it is looking like a bad cable. I have gotten the board to work on another computer with a different cable.