New drivers randomly popping up for install and new com ports.

Since installing the client side I appear to bet getting quite a lot of driver installs related to the web IDE. Win 7 x64 (NOT OBSOLETE)

Eg. a board that I occasionally connect to my PC already works just fine if I am just using it via the regular IDE.

I plugged it in today and it decided it needed a driver

Also saw a few pop up boxes (3 times) for Intel Edison drivers (I don’t even own one)
Once for a UNO (have a few)
Once for the MKR (have one)

Does the client side have some form of integration / deployment for the drivers.
If it does why would it insist on local driver install for boards I don’t have.

I also have some of my com ports locked to specific port numbers for some boards yet one of my UNO’s has now decided it would like a new one.

Don’t have shots of any of this btw so hard to show an tell, or if its just the new client bedding down hardware or its gonna happen again…

Hi Ballscrewbob, the driver installation is triggered only the first time you target a new board and install its tools. Once the upload tool is installed the popup won't appear until next tool update (so not really often). Edison drivers are not included anywhere and the board can't be selected, so how could you trigger the popup?

I have no idea about the Edison boards that's why I mentioned it.

The agent also triggers CH340 drivers if one is connected.

Although I know you say you are not going to support clones. That's a shame as there are reputable drivers for these out there. Not including them is going to double the forum workload for new peeps not getting access to the online IDE.