New Duemilanove Board problems

I am trying to figure out why my board only seems to "sort" of work.

Symptoms: - Melody example partially plays and then stops and plays a few notes and stops over and over

  • Debounce (I am pretty sure I hooked the circuit up right, I've built lots of circuits in my time, I'm an EE) doesn't seem to work at all.

  • Blinking light example seems to "kind of" work but doesn't blink consistently.

  • Rx/Tx seem to blink excessively even though I'm not updloading/download anything to the atmel 328. (they blink probably 1 time every couple few seconds) Background:

  • I had to download the FTDI 64 bit drivers from their website in order to get this working, the ones in the zip file kept throwing an error.

  • Using Vista 64bit

  • The upload does seem to work and not return an error

Anyone with solutions or feedback or similar experiences?


I'm sad to report it seems to be a driver problem :( . If you go into control_panel->system->device_manager->Universal_serial_bus_controllers and "disable" the "usb_serial_converter" that is the FTDI device your arduino should function normally (mine seems to). This is a kludge. It seems like sometimes you might even have to hit the arduino reset button to get it running properly. You can "enable" the serial driver again to download new code.

I don't know if this is an FTDI issue or arduino software problem. I suspect the FTDI driver is polling continuously or something weird like that though because shutting down the arduino software doesn't seem to help.

I think this might only be a windows vista 64 bit problem. That is just a guess though

I would guess that you have some other background SW on your computer that is going out and trying to talk to "serial" ports. I believe that an open/close of the FTDI port would cause the arduino to reset, and it sounds like that is what is happening. Do you have phone or PDA software installed?

You may be right but windows didn't seem to indicate the port was in use. Anyway, the fix turned out to be to switch COM ports. I just switched from COM5 to COM16 in device-manager->comm-ports->advanced and now everything is working as expected. I am glad to know that it was an easy fix.