New Electronic Component Search Engine

Hi arduino community, sorry for the blatant spam but we have been working on a electronic component search engine for the past two and a half years, and would love to get some feedback from engineers and hobbyists. If anyone would like to give the site a test run shoot me a message or check it out at all feedback is good feedback.

Just done a few searches on there. It looks like you have a pretty large database of components. I am surprised, however, that your search assumes the users keyword is going to be the start of the item sought.

Assuming you're using a database server of some kind, the simple addition of a wildcard at the start of the querystring will make the results much more impressive.

For instance, searching for a "bridge" to drive a stepper motor I'd like to see half bridge and full bridge ICs coming up in the results.

Other than that, it looks like a nice job.

Interesting, we will definitely be discussing that internally. Thanks for taking a look! We've worked really hard to get vendors listing their stock (vendors who actually have stock).

You would be right in assuming it's backed by a very large database so adding an 'ends-with' functionality is possible.

In your SQL statement, Something along the lines of where description LIKE '%searchstring%' would probably do the trick. So basically, whatever the user is looking for can come up ANYWHERE in the description. I don't think you need a "begins with" or "ends with" option at all.