New Ethernet Shield for Arduino on the block

Hi, I designed a new Ethernet Shield DIY KIT for Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove, Freeduino, Seeeduino, Arduino MEGA. It is based on the WIZ812MJ module (uses the same TCP/IP chip as the Arduino Ethernet Shield). The new Shield comes in a Do-It-Yourself KIT, with all the components needed to assemble the shield (WIZ812MJ included).

The new Ethernet Shield works physically with the Arduino MEGA, and only a very simple change is needed in the Ethernet Library (spi.h file, available for download). Once the change is applied, it is fully compatible with the standard Ethernet Library.

For the other boards, no changes are required and it is fully compatible with the Arduino Ethernet Library.

It is available for purchase here:

Looks really great! I may have to get a couple of these.

One quick question -

Will the Freeduino XBee Shield V2.0 KIT you sell fit on this ethernet shield (I can't tell from the pictures)? The reason I ask is because the XBee shield won't quite clear the ethernet jack on the "official" Ethernet Shield. I'm currently using a Duemilanove with an official Ethernet Shield and the XBee shield. There are two problems with this. First the ICSP connector is not passed through the Ethernet Shield (fixed in your version) making me "jumper" around it. Secondly the ethernet jack won't clear the Xbee shield and I have to use an extra set of stacking headers to increase the height (would defeat the "fixed" ICSP pass-through).

Just got mine last night and put it together. Works great!

The wiznet riser sticks up pretty far, so as you can see its hard to put more shields on top of it. I stuck some stacking headers in between, and it still isn't really enough room.

Here's pics from Mr. Blurycam iPhone:

why 2 blue leds for tx/rx?

why use the same color? that makes no sense to me :wink:

otherwise, it looks good. how does this compare to the lady ada version? it looks very similar.

I just bought mine today!

And for those of you who are having problems with stacking take a look at the extender shield from liquidware. Allows you to start another stack channel

Just curious, how did you handle the SPI enable line? I like the prototype official shield method of switching it with the slave select; I replicated that on my own wiznet shield. Too bad that didn't make it to the released version of the official shield.


Another question: does the back of the mag jack stick out past the edge of the arduino? If so, one could theoretically solder the wiz module directly to the board without the socket, and maybe make it stackable.