New fangled Arduino Mega ADK

I see this new board with a micro-USB port on it. Don’t know squat about ADK. I see that it means “Android Open Accessory Development Kit”. Don’t need that right now. What I DO need is that nifty little micro-USB port. I would like to do something rather simple, insert a standard USB flash drive in the port, create and write to a log file on the flash drive.

I don’t see anything in the reference or libraries on how to use the micro-USB port. Whats the skinny? Too new? Anyone know if/how this can be done?


anyone? anyone?

ok, you need the arduino to act as a host for your flash drive. the arduino ADK can (theorically) do that.

I know there are shields out there which can this as well - im too lazy to search for you, but google “usb host shield” or something like that. I think for your purposes, this might be the easyer route, as its probably better documentet than doing what you want to do with one of the various ADK boards which have just been released.

in generall most people usually logg data to SD cards. if that is an option for you, I would suggest you use an sd card, as you will probably find that route to have the best documentation.


ty P.