new features = new frusterations

i tried to add my own GitHub style service to my server that is called GitLab, using the instructions from HERE. so far, i have it slightly sort-of working, but my frustration level is off the charts.

I agree, i haven't a clue how to run a Git server, and GitHub is far more available, faster, reliable, and so on. but i thought it would be neat to run my own Git. i think the spark has officially fizzled out on that idea.

so much for hosting my Arduino code on my own server...


Maybe it would be more simple to just set up a Git server to begin with. All the bells and whistles of GitLab are nice I'm sure but Git will provide most of the core features you need. The only thing really lacking is an integrated issue tracker but you could probably set up a separate simple tracker system easily if that's something you need.

You could use a GUI Git client on your PC instead to get much the same experience without loading down the server. You do have to clone a local copy of the repository but for any Arduino code repository that's really not an issue because it will be so small.

Does you really spell it fusterations? I always thought it was frustrations..... I'm frustrated now :_/

It didn't autocorrect on my iPhone either which is why I was wondering