New global moderators

Hello all

I wanted everybody to know we expanded our team of global moderators.

As of today CrossRoads and Yot join AWOL, Coding Badly and UweFederer in the leadership team.

Monday i'll make a better announcement on the blog mentioning also the moderators of the international section.


Crossroads, Coding Badly and AWOL I get.

Yot has 279 posts, Uwe has 8. Am I missing something here?


I think so yes Graynomad, as do i. Not sure why i was promoted. I do report on spammers regularly though through the Report to moderator link.

Uwe's count is low as that is his moderator account. As far as i know only used for moderation duties.

Regards, Jeroen.

More power to you mate, I'm not having a go, just trying to understand the selection criteria. (A bad side affect of being an engineer I guess :))


just trying to understand the selection criteria

Could you let me know when you do? :D


Yot has 279 posts, Uwe has 8. Am I missing something here?

quality over quantity ?

Uwe is active in a non-English (italian?) section IIRC

The criteria is very simple, every morning I wake up and I find messages from the same 3 or 4 people who contribute to the forum by reporting issues within individual threads or spam.

To me that's an indication of the willingness of those people to support the community and the smooth running of the forum.

As usual I find it slightly disappointing that every time a decision that benefits the project and the community is made, somebody sees evil in it... But I guess that's just me not being an engineer :) ;)

About Uwe, I've already wrote it in another thread... he already moderates both the german and italian board on top of contributing to the english language board from time to time. He wrote thousands of messages, he just requested a different account for his moderation duties..


Congratulations to the new Mods! :grin:

Thanks Massimo, my "inner engineer" is happy now :)