New here with a question...

Hi all,

Firstly sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I'm new here and the website suggested to post here if I wasn't sure. I'm working on a replica R2-D2, part of the R2 Builders Club and I've come up with an idea of using a gyroscope for when he is in 2 legged mode.

I don't intent to drive him round in 2 legged mode cause well that's how accidents happen haha. When he is in 2 legged mode however I am going to give him the ability to adjust himself as he will have 2 linear actuators in his shoulders that will turn his legs from straight up to slanted. Sometimes he will be on a slope, not much of a slope but uneven floors and what not so I basically want to put a gyroscope in him and when they're connected to the shoulder motors if he starts slanting over he can adjust himself.

James Brunton from XRobots did a similar thing with him BB8 unit where the droid triggered motors to stay up right, I've seen a few youtube videos of this working however it uses a 3 asis board and I think I just need one asis so I was wondering if there was any type of boards in particular anyone would recommend if they haven't got board of reading this post already haha.

Any help would be appreciated!


I don't have any experience of gyroscopes so I can' help with your project. However you are much more likely to attract helpers if your title describes what you need help with. You can change the title when you edit your Original Post. Maybe an informative title would be "Help adding gyroscope to R2D2 robot"


You want your R2 to balance like a Segway? That’s not hard to do if you have the right wheel motors.

The 3-axis gyros are so unbelievably cheap that you just use one axis and let the others sit idle. It also gives you a lot more flexibility in mounting your board because you can select the correct gyro later in software.

I will second the expreemly useful suggestin from Robin2

at the top of every forum is a sticky post how to use this forum.

#6 says to use a subject line that makes sense,.

imagine you are at a convention and there 10,000 people, you are one of only 20 have real experiance with gyroscopes.

A guy has a sign "I have a question"

someone else has a sign "need help with gyroscope problem"

which do you approach ?
what about the other 10,000 people ?