New IDE 1.6.1 online now

We are online now and the download page was updated To avoid errors we have now 2 download servers with a lot of bandwidth.

Enjoy the new IDE!

@mastrolinux, You only seem to participate in the Forum when you want to tell us something.

When are you going to start participating in the Forum so that we can tell you our views?


I am sorry about it.

I always read the forum, and you are right, not often reply. All moderators have my email and I reply to almost all private messages. I read and participate to discussion with all moderators (on our project management platform).

So please share your views and feel free to contact me privately.
This thread is about new features and improvements in 1.6.1 IDE and creating a more reliable infrastructure for our users.

Thank you for your feedback.

I always read the forum, and you are right, not often reply.

I would much prefer if you (or another senior member of your team) would participate regularly (daily ?) in the Public discussions in the Forum.

I think that will have far more value for us users than bringing out new versions of the IDE.
And there is a mountain of existing material to be improved which should also have a higher priority than new versions.

Your relationship with the Moderators is for entirely different purposes.


Does IDE 1.6.1 allow opening two separate instances of the IDE? Somebody mentioned they were having issues opening two separate IDE instances with a recent IDE version. on a windows machine. I need to be able to open two independent IDEs on my windows machine. I can currently do this with 1.0.5.