New images won't load using UTFT_SDraw

I'm starting a new project that involves an 800x480 touchscreen. Before I get down to the code, which I'm dying to do, I need to have a functioning way of loading images onto it.

I found and appreciated the SDraw library, which works just fine when loading the example sketches. However, when I try to insert my own RAW- files into the demo all I get is gibberish.

Since the library contains absolutely no manual or explanation of the functions, I've been searching for info in the threads here, but none matches my problem.

Is there a trick to making .raw files for this library I'm unaware of?

Just the normal ImageConverter565 supplied with UTFT is all you need. There are other reasons you may be seeing gibberish but without any code or description of hardware, I am unable to help further.



Thank you for the reply, oh Creator Of Great Things! :D. You see, the code is yours. I'm using the example sketch and just pasting in my own file names. The hardware shouldn't be the problem, since it displays your attached files just fine, but not mine. The problem should therefore logically be with the file. But I'll try what you suggested, hope it works.

Now that I have you here: thanks a lot for all the work you put into the library! When I get it to work like with the example files it will really save my day! I just wonder one thing though: how come there's no description, manual or even comments in the code to make the library more accessible to new coders? I've come across this several times and always wondered why that is. And finally I get to ask someone! Please don't take it as criticism, I just really really wonder why.

Ok so you don't want to tell me what hardware you are using, at least show me a photo of the gibberish to which you refer?


Of course I can tell you. It's this display.

But it worked with the conversion tool at Henning Carlsens homepage. Which proves me right, it was the file. The image renders just fine now. I still don't get what the difference is with that .raw file and the .raw file I produced earlier, but whatever works... I can upload a photo of the gibberish as soon as possible. I'm on the road right now and don't have access to the hardware. I would really like to understand what went wrong though.

It was whether you are using DUE or Mega I was interested to know.......... But glad you figured it out.



I'm using a MEGA. And I still wonder that thing about the manual or description, but I gess you don't feel like answering that question?

I don't feel like writing instructions........... I prefer to keep the masses happy with my library ;) :P