New install magically finds my old sketches

I have been having problems running example arduino sketches so I totally, I think. deleted my ardiono program, 1.6.10 and reinstalled 1.6.11. I deleted all references to the old arduino. Now when I start Arduino, it loads my latest sketch in a directory that Arduino should not know about. How is this possible?

I thought my problems might have been because I had multiple copies of libraries or something like that. Seems the problems did not go away however.

Did you delete the 'Arduino15' folder when you uninstalled? That's where the "preferences.txt" file lives, which contains the list of recent sketches with their full paths. 'Arduino15' is in another folder, not the main Arduino folder. The path to it (and "preferences.txt") is in ">File >Preferences", near the bottom of the window.

I think you solved my problem. Thanks