new job, profesional hacker!

I've been employed by an E-waste recycling company that employs people with disabilities, my first task was to build a machine to break up CRT yoke ferrites, so naturally I had to sneak an Arduino in.

The rig I built is a beast, pneumatic powered cylinders that crush the yoke coils and drops them out the bottom.

It's only about 30 lines of code to control 3 cylinders.

I'll take some photo's and video, post them tomorrow.

This is THE most seriously physical thing I've built in ages!

Can't wait to see the photo's.

maybe the ewaste is also a good source for some 2nd hand components?

... provided your employer does NOT have objections, a Youtube vid would be great! Some employers are very sensitive about Internet postings so PLEASE verify that pictures/vids are permitted. You have an awesome job.

  • Ray

Here is the Arduino controller

3 x 24V relays, switched with TIP110 PNP darlintons


Main "crushing" cylinder and "unlock" cylinder

"jaw disengage" cylinder

Air valves

the "maw"

Maybe NOT the dream job we all hoped for, it turns out I'm getting payed the same rate people with autism in wheel chairs get paid.
It's taken me around ten days to go from concept to V4.

Not only did I have to supply my own netbook to run the Arduiono environment on, which is now dead from being in a factory with MIG and spot welders, but I'm taking "too long".

Words can't describe how pissed off I am right now.

Worst thing is we wreck better computers than I'm using right now, but if I want something I have to bid on ebay like everyone else...

I'll post video later