New LCD touch won't work after replacing the old cracked one

I accidentally cracked my Arduinos SainSmart TFT_320QVT 3.2 LCD that was hooked up to a mega 2560. After replacing the LCD with the exact same one I expected it to work like before but the touch won't respond. Everything displays on the screen fine but nothing happens on touch.

There is no problem with the set-up or code as it was all working fine before the screen cracked. I am using the UTFT library and I tried all the touch examples such as the keypad and the paint. Both displayed fine but neither responded to touch.

So I then tried to re-calibrate the screen and funny enough the screen responds to touch when I selected anywhere on the screen to begin the calibration. It also responds to when pressing the points for calibrating. However, the results returned are as follows:

CAL_X 0x00000000UL
CAL_Y 0x00000000UL
CAL_s 0x000EF13FUL

Even though this looks totally wrong I tried putting it in URTouchCD.h like instructed for completing calibration but still no luck. :frowning:

From what I can gather, the touch is responsive to the extent that it will signal a touch (myTouch.dataAvailable() is turning true) but the X and Y is returning zero.

I really don't understand why this is happening if the screen is exactly the same as the last one and the code and setup is all the same. So there is no need to change anything in the code at all. Does this mean the new screen is the issue? Is the screen faulty?