New LeonardoEth but cannot upload sketches

Hi all,

I've just received my new Arduino Leonardo Ethernet R3 but I'm having a real bad experience in trying to upload any sketch. I'm starting with blink as an easy project. I'm using the 1.8.0 Windows software on XP. The com port was initially COM12 but looking at other solutions to uplading problems, I moved it to COM1. It now just seems to hang at the uploading phase. The last verbose output is "Overriding Baud Rate : 115200".

I've got one steady and one flashing green LED on the PCB. During the attempt at uploading the RX orange LED flashes a couple of times, then nothing. Just the green LEDs.

The blink code uses "pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT);" to define an LED pin. I guess this is compatible with the Ethernet board?

I'm quite dissapointed in this first user experience. It just doesn't work. Have I got a duff unit?

I've got plenty of good experience with micros and PICs, namely writing bootloaders and production C code etc. so I've got a lot of hardware, software & debugging experience behind me.

If there's any words of wisdom or some help pointers I'd be very appreciative.

Thanks, Moz

Very doubtful about the COM 1 being the Leonardo.

Thats usually reserved in windows for real com ports on the computer.

Windows XP has a lot of issues with the IDE's best bet is a full clean up / uninstall and go back to a known working IDE for XP. There are a few threads on this issue so google it if you are unsure or use the search box at the top of the page. "XP IDE"

Also you are on Arduino.CC and the board is an Arduino.ORG board so might be better info over there until they finish the merger back to just arduino.

There is also some more info HERE

Thanks for the reply Ballscrewbob. I didn't realise there had been a conflict of ownership/trademark - sad to hear, but glad differences seem to be resolved. And yes, I need to check Java is up to date. Hopefully I'll get a new WIn10 PC soon anyway to replace '07 XP machine! Rgds, Moz