new Library for 19264-05 v3 LCD Displays with UC1609C controller

Hello everyone, here is my lil addition to the arduino community 8)

  • tested with mega168, mega328, and will be tested on stm32 + esp boards soon
  • uses Adafruit GFX library
  • will have support for SPI SRAM buffer in near future

support and feature request in this topic... enjoy :grinning:

Good news, it seems that SRAM buffer has smaller performance impact than i thought 8)
the two left thirds of this screen are two independent buffers in SRAM and the rightmost 64x64 is in internal memory… the difference is… drop from 60-64fps with all in onchip versus 24-28fps with two buffers in IPsilog SRAM… the third buffer with upscaled pixels is displayed every 10th frame so it has minimal performance impact…
code on git will be updated with SRAM functionality in a few days…

SRAM buffer support added on Git! Now working on more examples to cover this cool feature!

  • added LCD & SRAM connection scheme
  • made support for larger SRAM chips with 24bit addressing
  • ..and one specialty..

Git update in a few days..