New Library for ER-OLEDM1.09-1 OLED driven by the CH1115 controller




  • Name : ER_OLEDM1_CH1115
  • Title : Library to support the ER-OLEDM1.09-1 128X64 OLED Display Module driven by the CH1115 controller for the Arduino eco-system.
  • Description :
  1. Arduino library.
  2. Inverse colour, vertical rotate, sleep, fade effect, horizontal scroll and contrast control.
  3. Extended ASCII scale-able font.
  4. Graphics class included.
  5. 3 different modes: Multi-buffer , single buffer , no buffer.
  6. Bitmaps supported.
  7. Hardware & software SPI options
  • Tested on following MCUs.

    1. Arduino UNO & NANO v3
    2. ESP8266
    3. ESP32
    4. STM32 "blue pill"

No other library supports this module at present AFAIK.


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