New library for Infra-red controlled models

I have uploaded a new Arduino library for Infra-Red controlled models, such as 3 channel helicopters and others.

The library works with a range of different models, such as the cheap Chinese 3 channel co-axial helicopters commonly availble on the internet and elsewhere. Works with Diecimila, Duemilanove, Mega and Yellowjacket (and possibly others).

The library consists of a base class that provides basic infra-red modulation etc. It may be subclassed for specific models and protocols. One subclass for 3 channel helis is provided. Sample programs are provided:

  • for controlling a helicopter with a Logitech joystick or similar on a Linux PC
  • for controlling a helicopter from an iPhone using my Arduino RCRx library and the RCTx iPhone app from the Apple store.

Sample circuits diagrams for connecting Infra-Red LEDS are included.

Full documentation and downloads at

Updated to version 1.1 with a new sample sketch.

Videos showing how to use are at:

Any idea if this will support the WowWee Bladestar? Cool nonetheless (unfortunately, I got rid of my small IR heli)...

I need see some good reviews before I buy a 10 dollar app. Looks cool :).