New library: ITDB02_Graph


After playing around with the ITDB02 LCD Module ( from ITead studio I tought it was a bit slow. I wanted more speed ;)

So I made an alternative library for the module. At present it only supports the graphics functionality. This means NO support for touch, SD, or flash. They might come later.

My library is approx. 5 times faster than the demo-code provided by ITead studio, but there are a minor trade-off.

More infomation and download can be found here:

Regards Henning

Highthere folks:

I have installed the ITDB02_graph library and it works just great in my system (Arduino 2009) . It does indeed have better functionality than the library from the factory.

I am looking forward to seeing more additions to this library!

David G.

Maryland USA

Thomas found a bug with the color green in the library. He also sent the fixed code to me.

V1.01 is ready for download with the bug-fix.



Just a quick note to let you know that v2.0 of ITDB02_Graph has been released.

I have added a large font and the option of using the display in landscape mode.


V2.1 of the library is released.

It is now compatible with the Arduino Mega. A couple of other bugs has also been fixed.


Henning :

I just downloaded your newly updated libraries and tested them on the Arduino Mega 1280 with the ITEAD Studio Mega Shield and the 3.2" display.

Everything works as advertised! The touch is easy to calibrate. Your graphic software and the touch display allows me to have an easy to use color GUI, in my project, that will replace a 4 x 20 LCD, two push button switches, 1 BCD rotary encoder and one toggle switch (and lots of wires and connectors)!

The best part is that it looks and works great, thanks to all your clever work!

Thanks again.

David Garrison

ITDB02_Graph v2.2 is released.

  • Added drawBitmap() with its associated tool


ITDB02_Graph v2.3 is released.

  • Added support for the Arduino Mega 2560
  • Added functions to rotate text and bitmaps