New Library - SimpleSensors

Hi. I've been working on an Arduino library to simplify reading sensor data and relaying it to other machines in different formats (JSON, etc):

Right now it has generic SimpleAnalogSensor and SimpleDigitalSensor classes and an implementation for TMP36. I plan to add implementations for other sensors in the near future. There's also example code for outputting data over Serial and HTTP.

I'd love to get feedback on the project. My plan is to not only add more sensor implementations, but also classes for relaying data over XBee, WiFi, etc. I'm also working on a companion EventBus project in Python that will receive the data.

Thanks for your time,

Did not read through all the code but I was triggered by your JSON backend. you might want to have a look at my XMLWriter class as a possible alternative

(a json alike class is on my todo list .... still)