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I've written a library for zilog's ePIR motion detection device (available from SparkFun) on an Arduino Mega and I was wondering how/where do I post/upload. My library has documentation and an example.pde all wrapped in a .zip file. Is this the correct way to package it? Any info would help.

Thanks, DigitalJohnson

If you're publishing the source code with the intent of allowing others to work on it, most folks seem to use...

For the documentation and examples, the playground is a good choice...

I beleive ZIP is the most common way to package a library.

Do you like the ePIR?

Thanks for the info CB. I'll post the .zip on google under the file name "". Just unzip and place the folder "ePIR" in the libraries folder as always. Any comments/bug reports-fixes/suggestions are welcome. I hope others find it useful. ;.)

Do you like the ePIR?

Yes, I do like it. There's some nice features in a very small package. For example; +3.3V, directional motion detection, very low power sleep mode, just about every parameter is adjustable via serial comm., and best of all very inexpensive! I believe I paid under $15 for one.

Does your library support the ePIR features? (like sleeping and direction)

Do you use a 3.3V Arduino? Or are you level-shifting?

Id like to see your library. Ive got one on the desk at the moment and Ive been playing with it off and on. It seams easy to use and I like all the extra features you can adjust through the serial interface.


Coding Badly, I've included all of the serial commands available for the device (sleep, direction, etc.). However, instead of one command to read a particular setting and another to write the same setting, I combined the read and write commands into a single function that reads or writes depending on the value thats passed to the function (see the Readme.txt). I have an Arduino Mega, so I'm using the 3.3V output from the board. I wrote the library for the mega (its the only arduino I have). I'm not an expert programmer, maybe beginner-intermediate. This is the first working library I've written and I imagine there'll be bugs I haven't found, but thats how we learn, right? I just posted the library on google, I'll add a link A.S.A.P., I just got home from work so maybe in an hour or so.

Thanks for your interest guys, and let me know what you think. DJ

Here's the link to the library,

Enjoy! ;) DigitalJohnson

@DigitalJohnson Looks good and should be easily adapted for other Arduino boards with serial or newsoftserial rather than the Mega's extra serial uarts. Its going to save me some time. But I will have to adapt it for newsoftserial.


@ Digital Johnson, Great. I have this sensor since few weeks ago, and i still figure out how to interface it with arduino. So thanks to you library it will be more easy. However i have a duemilanove board...

@GordonEndersby. Great to hear that you offer to addapt it to the smaller board. Ioffer my self such as a betta tester if you want.

Good job guys!!

Has anyone had success adapting this library to a non-Mega Arduino?