[New] Looking for advice on first Arduino + Hardware Advice


Thanks, everyone for letting me into the forums and for the help in advance.

I know they sell many kit's so to speak online that might help speed my project up somewhat, I am a programmer at heart that is what I know and have a degree in.

I am trying to develop a simple:

Line In (Microphone) -> (TO) -> Arduino -> (OUT) -> Line In

The final line in would preferably be an iPhone. Now I know the iPhone 12 is currently using 3.5mm headphone jack and a microphone that might be attached with it. So that saves buying a microphone.

Although there is the Bluetooth approach. I was wondering strictly as a beginner what are components I would possibly need.

Such as a

  • SoundCard
  • Bluetooth Adapter (If Going that Route)

Anything, that I do not realize as a first-time Arduino purchaser. My goal is simply to pass audio through an Arduino to the phone same as a middleman would, it will eventually be programmatically changed the audio coming in.

Note: No saudering iron, nothing from the ground up I am going for this.

Arduinos are not very good for audio handling.

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First off, thanks for my first response. Not to mention the competition but the same thing was said about the RPi's. So I went to Arduino, I do not know where to steer to. The programming for Arduino look's really nice.

Really? The RPi is a lot more powerful but it's not a real audio processor.

As @Railroader says Arduinos are certainly not the best choice for Audio.

The PI is certainly a better option, but one of the newer PI's which have a little more processing power and memory.

There are also some of the newer (more expensive) Arduino's that might just scrape by for audio as they support such as the MEMS microphones and also support BT.

In many cases like yours we often suggest that you may want to re-evaluate the exact detials of your project. Sometimes that helps narrow things down.

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Which makes me wonder why there is an "Audio" forum.

Perhaps if I am really, really bored sometime, I may take a look at it; presently I barely have time to surf the four fora I currently do. :woozy_face:

There are still lots of AUDIO based applications where the Arduino even at its lowest form would prove useful.

It is not that they are "just useless" but it does depend on what you want to do with them.
Same as there are different vehicles for different purposes eg sports car vs off road.

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Appreciate everyone's response. Really, I do.

Simply I am trying and going to attempt to run a microphone to the Arduino. Just need to know what parts, or components best needed or a forum user would recommend, especially which Arduino model. If I must use an aux adapter for a simple AUX line for a microphone I will, instead of Bluetooth. Then I desire that audio be sent as the microphone input for a smartphone. Just as if you were speaking through a normal microphone headset.

But I will be changing voices programmatically. But getting the functionality is key first obviously. Engineering is not my strong spot.

Simple as that, but I will code in between some audio manipulation. Budget is not a concern really.

Appreciate this reply, if I may elaborate more. When you are buying your first Arduino, are there little things you always will need back up's of you wish you purchased ahead of time. This is what I wish to avoid. That kind of stuff I am totally off the radar of what I would need.

Wiring, breadboards, power supplies. memory cards, everything is my point. I am at a grocery list. Unless I can somehow simulate this online.

@Ballscrewbob Ballscrewbob, I see you are a moderator and took a lot of your time in helping me. Much appreciated, the Arduino language is really simple in terms of programming. I noticed lots of users asking for help. If you point me in a direction to help user's with their programming online, in a simulated environment I would not mind doing that to help repay your kindness. I am not sure if this forum allows direct messaging if it does. I'd like to pop a question by you. in the near future.

I am doing encryption in and out through a smartphone.

Starting out then YES.

DuPont jumpers M/M, M/F, F/F.
Reasonable quality bench PSU capable of 0-24 volts 0-5 amps
Soldering iron (temperature controlled and selection of tips)
Selection of solder and flux.
Side cutters (good quality)
Needle nose pliers (fine)
DVM (nice size display and preferable true RMS)
Solder sucker.
Solder wick.

I am sure others will also add to the list.

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