New low-cost Starter Sets and Easy-to-connect Compatibles at

Hi Everyone,
We have recently made our low-cost starter sets available with your choice of many different Arduino-compatible processor boards.

This shows the Low-Cost Starter Set with a "YourDuinoRobo1" which is our new Arduino-compatible with added features, and photos of the cable capabilities for connecting to relays and other devices (not included).
We have excellent How-To information for new users to get started with Arduino and these Input and Output Devices here:
The set includes:
5 - Big push-button switches [Digital Input]
2 - 10K Potentiometers that fit breadboard well [Analog Input]
5 - 10K PhotoResistors (Light sensors) [Analog Input]
1 - Digital temperature sensor DS18B20 [Digital Signal Input]
10 - LEDs of 5 different colors, plus 220 ohm resistors [Digital or Analog Output]
1 - Red-Green-Blue Multicolor LED [Digital or Analog Output]
1 - Buzzer Module (makes sound with voltage applied) [Digital Output]
1 - Beeper Module (Makes different sounds/tones with Arduino TONE Library) [Analog Output]
1 - Servo Motor (Mechanical positioning from digital pulses] [Digital Signal Output]
2 - 3-pin cables to 3-pin connectors that fit the Robo1 and various Electronic Bricks etc.
2 - 3-pin cable to separate wire ends that connect the Robo1 to any device
1 - 40 wide flat rainbow color cable that can be separated to make many different cables
2 - 40 pin strips that can be separated to connect cables to breadboard and other devices
10 - each 220 ohm resistors (LED current limit etc.) and 10K resistors (switch pullups etc.)
1 - 8cm high-quality Breadboard with power and ground strips
You can get this set of parts alone for $15 or add your choice of Arduino-Compatible boards at reduced prices.
See the options here:

The YourDuinoRobo1 is an upgraded Arduino Duemilanove-compatible board with added features:

  • ATMEL 328 processor can be run on either 5.0 or 3.3V for compatibility with new sensors and devices
  • LED placement is more ergonomic: can be seen easily when a shield is used
  • Built-in Sensor Shield connectors for 6 Servos or other Digital or PWM applications, and 6 Analog inputs
  • 5 free 3-pin cables with flat end to Robo1 and latched end to Electronic Bricks
  • 5 free 3-pin cables with flat end to Robo1 and separate ends to connect to relay boards, many other devices
  • Free USB Cable
  • Additional Power and Ground pins, space for large capacitor if desired
  • Improved 3.3V power regulator provides up to 500ma

See the details here: and a Photo (Below):

Terry King in Italy and Jun Peng in China together are working to bring the information and products to Arduino enthusiasts, schools and Universities.

Please let us know of suggested products, and give us your comments and critiques.