New Matrix Library For Arduino

Hi all!

For a while now, I have had a keen interest in applying Arduino boards to robotics projects, and I was surprised to see the lack of complex functions available! One of the main mathemats behind robots is matrix calculations, and I was interested in getting matrix operations up and running on Arduino boards. However, I have seen numerous posts on the forums and over at StackExchange saying that matrix operations on an Arduino are not possible.

Well, challenge accepted!

Over at my GitHub page, I have created a new Matrix Library specifically designed for Arduinos. I have provided some examples on how to use the library, and it should work with matrices of any size (given enough memory on the Arduino boards themselves!)

I realise that there may be another library by codebndr, but I felt this library lacked a lot of freedom of use. Hence why I created my own.

Feel free to try it out! Any feedback is very welcome :slight_smile: