New Member Forum?

Always use to using a newbie corner or welcome thread so I'll introduce myself that way everyone can be assured my level of electronics and programming.

I currently, and have for the past 10 years, work as an automations controls engineering tech. My main scope and background would fall under structured text and ladder logic, mainly with Allen Bradley or Rockwell. I work in a high tech society and have for some time wanted to get my hands on an Arduino for the understanding of sketching and PIC programming.

With the current job I now have, we use high speed inspection cameras and a system that allows us to change the lighting spectrum of LED's to inspect Coca~Cola closures. This sparked an idea. Fortunately I visited the local Rat Shack and they possessed all the Arduino's as well as some shields from seeed studio. Now I'm jumping in full force and hope the community can bear with me...glad to be here and love the concept. Between this and the the direction the information age is heading.


Welcome to the forum. I think you will find this site very friendly and helpful and with the range of different experiences from the many member you should have no trouble fitting in.

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