Dear Friends,

I am a new member and am based in India.

I am an electronics engineer by education and an IT professional by profession.

I am wanting to learn and do some good projects using ARDUINO for myself as well as my kids science fairs.

Kindly guide which board to start with and how to proceed and move ahead from beginner to advanced level projects like complicated robots etc.

Thanks a lot in Advance. Pramod Agrawal.

Get whats available in your region / budget

As far as more advanced projects, well its just a simple matter of smaller projects piled together. The electronics fundamentals wont change as long as you know the limits of the hardware, and the software has been boiled down to fairly easy modules for you to use, modify and exploit to suit your needs.

But get a board first, then get the basics down, then start making requirements for projects ... it will all fall into place

Hello and welcome. Here are my suggestions.

Probably the easiest board to get started with is the Uno. It seems to be the most popular and is a reasonable cost, especially if you look on eBay or your local electronics markets in India.

As far as getting up the learning curve, I found the easiest was to look for tutorials (see as a starting point) and I found the Tronixstuff series really useful. The tutorials will have some components that you will need to buy, so make up a list and get them all at once so you can do a few exercises at a time :-). After that, complex projects are just a matter of combining smaller ones.

Have fun.

Hello Friends,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply to my post. I am encouraged to see a community where I can get hep as and when needed.

There are several distributors here in India for Arduino and I can practically buy all the stuff and electronics from them or from local market.

I think, I will get a UNO board first and start with basics.

Any place where I can read about simple and complex projects made by people?

Thanks once again. Pramod.

There is a gallery / exhibition section in the forum.