New MKR Multipurpose Shield for the MKR Family

We developed a new shield for all kind of MKR Arduino! The shield for the field.

Made for every MKR developer who wants to bring his project on solid footing!

This Arduino MKR MultiShield offers a display, loudspeaker with adjustable 2 watt amplifier, stable power supply for controller and outputs, robust stabilized DC / DC input voltages from 5 to 30 volts DC, 16 additional digital GPIO with screw terminals for the inputs and outputs as well as I2C and UART.

A Micro-SD card slot, two DC voltage meters, a Micro USB Power In, a high-voltage relay and BUS connections enable a wide variety of devices and projects in a stable environment for industry, private applications and training.

Matching housings and a generic front panel for convenient development and robust use in production allow your projects to flourish and work professionally and comfortably in a solid environment.The MKRMS is available in individual parts or as a pre-assembled complete package and can be equipped and adapted according to your own requirements .

The MKRMS can be equipped with any Arduino MKR. Sensors, switches and other components and extensions are added according to the needs of your project. In the front panel milled in advance for the loudspeaker and the display, switches, LEDs and sensors are added according to your wishes. Power is supplied via a micro USB or a screw terminal with 5 to 30 V DC.

Can be plugged directly onto the socket strip:
Any Arduino MKR board
Display 2.0 inch TFT IPS
I2S microphone / devices

Screw terminals for:
MKR internal GPIO A3, A4, A5
MKR internal GPIO D0, D1
Digital GPIO of the MCP23017 chip DX2 to DX 9 (8 digital GPIO)
I2C BUS (hot swappable buffered!)
2 V1 & V2 volt DC metering
DC Power In: 5 V to 30 V DC
Relay 7 A 250 V AC / 15 A 125 V AC / 10 A 30 V DC
3 free, bidirectional level converters
3 more GPIO ports if volt meters or loudspeakers are not required and the bridge is disconnected

Soldering eyes:
USB V In for additional external USB power charging sockets
DX 10 to DX 15 (6 digital GPIO)
Speakers (amplified audio)
Mute audio amplifier
Switch off backlight display

Power supply:

5 to 36 volts DC IN, 3 amps DC DC converter for external sensors
Additional USB C Power In, for example for a solar pack
TTL shifter: 3V3 to 5V in bidirectional, 3 channels freely assignable


2.0 "320x240 color IPS TFT display with microSD card breakout


4 watt 4 ohm Visaton with its own amplifier and volume adjustable via potentiometer

Port Expander:

Additional 16 digital GPIO

Internal relay:

7A 250V AC / 15A 125V AC / 10A 30V DC


Two integrated tension meters

Screw terminals:

DC 7 to 28 volts IN
UART plus 3V3
I2C plus 3V3
3 analog GPIO plus 5 V
10 digital GPIO plus 5 V

All other inputs and outputs on soldering eyes in the pin grid loudspeaker and voltmeter can be disconnected and used as GPIO. Ground soldering eyes for switch applications

Width 115 mm
Height 90 mm
All components, including MKR, are solidly fastened with brass screws
Highest quality of the components and the PCB, gold-plated tracks, silk


LSF0108PWR 8 port level converter bidirectional. 3 ports free with solder eye
3 more GPIO ports if volt meters or loudspeakers are not required
Separable and resealable solder bridges
TPS7B6933QDBVRQ1 converter
G6RN-1-DC5 Heavy Duty General Purpose Relays
Polymer capacitor 16SEP330M for stabilization against voltage spikes of consumers


Best industrial quality - Made in Switzerland!
Gold-plated conductor tracks on a blue PCB
Volume control on the PCB
CE mark


All libraries are stored on the supplied SD card together with examples.

The programming is carried out normally via your usual development environment on the USB In on the MKR board. Thanks to the stable power supply, the MKRMS can be programmed and used without restarting after removing the programming cable. Power problems caused by spikes or power-hungry sensors are a thing of the past. The assembled and programmed MKRMS is then screwed onto the front panel and screwed to the housing. The entire package is then mounted directly in a wall or in another housing.

Plug in the MKR, switch it on, and get started!
Best industrial quality - Made in Switzerland!
Gold-plated conductor tracks on a blue PCB
Volume control on the PCB
CE mark