new motorshield, and cant get stepper motor to run...

i recently put together the motorshield and attached it to my uno, i did the blink thing w the led (JOY!), and i am now trying to get a small stepper to move...ive tried the example sketches, and cut and pasted some sketches i found on the internet w no response.

i got the motor (PF35T - 48) from adafruit, and connected it exactly the way it says to on the tutorial page...

brown & black to M1 red and green to ground yellow and orange to M2

ive tried many different variations on the sketches...ive started the sketch w 'AFMotor', and when i test the code, it highlights 'stepper" and says wrong type

im really new to this, but have been at this for 3 days now...can anyone send me a basic sketch that will work for my stepper??


Can you tell us which motorshield? The AdaFruit motorshield comes with a library.