New N33IOT not recognized on Mac

Running a mac book air with: macOS Mojave 10.14.6

Just got two new Nano 33 IOT ("N33IOT") and neither one will show up on my port menu of Arduino IDE or the web editor.

I have checked through terminal and the N33IOT is not showing up using: ls /dev/*

The Green power light is solid and there is a slow fade in and out of the orange light. I have tried hitting the reset button twice in quick succession and still it does not show up.

Neither board is working, and I am going to guess its an issue with my computer or user, and not the board. Any advice is appreciated. I have read through other posted issues, but the June update isn't helping mine.


Make sure the USB cable is fully inserted into both the Nano 33 IoT and the computer.

Try using a different USB cable. You might have a damaged/defective, or charge-only cable.

I've got the same issue. Tried with multiple cables and still getting sad-diodes at:

Solid green led, amber led cycles at about 1 sec on / off. Any ideas what else to try?

Some Arduino boards come with their pins inserted into anti-static foam. This foam is conductive so you need to remove it before using the board.

Does the problem still occur if you remove all external wiring/modules/components/etc. from your Nano 33 IoT?

Make sure the board is not sitting on anything conductive that might be shorting out the pins.