new noob - where to begin

Hi every one ! Jay is my name and Western Australia is where I'm from. Arduino is something I'm yet to grasp and I have a very basic knowledge of electronics so please forgive me if I don't figure things out the first time around.

In a nutshell I'm trying to find out if its possible to use Ardunio to build a small instrument panel to use in a large RC 2 stroke car and boat. Basically, it would consist of a single lcd display that displays real time speed ( via gps?) RPM ( optic or pulse) , Temperature ( via thermocouple or IR) and an hour meter all at once, with some sort of memory recall to display maximum temp, rpm and speed if possible.

I can do this with a portable GPS, digital tacho , digital temp meter and a digital hour meter but all of these items together add considerable weight and are quite big and bulky.

If this is possible to build with Arduino I'd love a few pointers to get started but I don't expect anyone to tell me exactly what to do step by step as I do enjoy figuring things out my self.

All the best, Jay

Yes, it's plausible. A gps will give you speed and a clock to help with making the hour meter. You will need a sensor (encoder or hall) to measure rpm. What are you measuring the temperature of? If it's air, a DS18B20 should do the job. An important consideration for the design is how many pins all your hardware will consume on the arduino. Consider an i2c or serial interface for the LCD if pins become a limitation.

Great ! Thanks for that. Temperature to be measured is engine temperature and thats taken at the spark plug and normal running temperature measured there is around 200°C / 390°F.

Now I have some homework to do ;)