New PCB Arduino UNO

Hi I am using Eagle to use ATMEGA8 and the ATMEGA8U2-MU to essentially have an Aurdino kit on a PCB. I would like to have use of the Arduino IDE with all the functions. Would I have to have something to program the ATMEGA8U2first through the ICSP port to enable USB programming. What will I have to get in order to program this device like this. I don't have a large budget for a fancy compiler and part that is attracting me to the Arduino is the free stuff. Another thought is it possible to program the Atmega8 directly through the ICSP port using the Ardunio IDE. It would require an external BDM but if it lets me use the IDE i am cool with that option.


Probably one of the more convoluted questions…

I think you want this: [](http://USB ASP)

I use on to program ATTiny85 ICs…also can be used to program the ATMEGA328Ps

The programmer I linked works with the Arduino IDE and there are many cheap versions of it on Ebay.

Hi Alley Cat, Having just done something similar, I can share my experience here. You do need an icsp to not only program the u2 but also the atmega328p with the bootloader. The one I use is the avr pocket programmer by sparkfun electronics, but there are a number of them. You could also save yourself a little work by using an ft232 chip instead of the U2. This chip performs USB to serial conversion. It has a built in oscillator and works quite well. With it, the only firmware you need to burn is the bootloader for the atmega328p. One thing to be wary of is not to be tempted to buy a very cheap version. There was a little go round a while back in which the company that makes the chip put something in their driver to make counterfit ft232 chips "brick". The chip is avaiable from mouser and digikey as well as other sources. If you elect to use that chip, be sure to connect a .1uF cap from the DTR pin of the ft232 to the reset line of the atmega328P. Without that, the bootloader will not work correctly.

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My schematic of the Arduino Uno I have has a ATMEGA8 on it. The atmega328 is available in a surface mount component and is probably a better over all choice than the Atmega8. As long as I can use the Arduino IDE mainly cause I have accumulated some code I don't want to lose.

My schematic of the Arduino Uno I have has a ATMEGA8 on it.

The mega8 and the mega328 are pin-compatible (in all packages.) The original Arduino (from ~10y ago) used an ATmega8 EAGLE library part for the schematic/pcb, and there's never really been a reason to change it.