New person looking for a little help and advice

I am looking to control a small tracked model with a max movement of 12 inches and poss pivots of 45 to 90degs the model will have two motors and a gearbox in it, if poss it needs to know where it is in a 6x4 area. The move commands need to come from a smart phone via Bluetooth is poss. I don't know much about the tech as yet but I have been pointed this way by a friend who thinks it can be done with arduino tech and programming . It would be good, if the model can auto detect structures and object so as to not collide with them.

Is any of this poss with this tech and could someone like me with a little know late and intelligence witha passion for learning be able to do this? Also what sort of kit do I need to start out boards wise for the Bluetooth connection and the motor control. I have had a good look around and so far nothing close to what I alm looking to do.

What it this forum like for advice to new bods who may slip upand need to ask the odd question just before massive hair losses lol.

Please look at this and reply if you can offer advice and wisdom as only a fool ignores the wise. Many thanks Rik

Should be 100% possible with Arduino. For your parts I would go with Spark Fun Electronics…they rock! Try doing your project one step at a time. The First thing I would do is build the robot, and have the Arduino move it around. Then I would start on the rest of the project.

Best of luck!