New Product: Defusable Clock Kit

You may have seen this when I made this as a project, but now it's a product. The Defusable Clock kit lets you build your own dangerous looking device. Only the electronics are in the kit, not the scary-scary looking parts.

This is based on Arduino technology (powered by an ATmega328 with Arduino bootloader so you can hack it!). Kit is $32.95 in the nootropic design store.

Also see the full product description here.

That looks like a kit that could get you into lots of trouble :)



Still, that said it looks like a fun thing, I note the disclaimer on nootropic's site, I hope some beaurocratic arsehole doesn't decide if it looks like a duck it could be a duck.

We all know you could do something untoward with just about any electronics, but I wouldn't put is past some moron to decide that a countdown timer with a big red button and some curly wires is dangerous.

OTOH maybe the gadget will get a cameo in the next Die Hard movie.


Yeah, I thought long and hard about all of that, consulted a lot of people, my lawyer, etc.

Read this blog post about my anxious adventures:

This is why I'm only shipping a bag of parts and nothing else....

Where I live, things like this are actually pretty commonplace. Three or four times a spring we hear multiple gunshots from a neighbors yard; the usual action is to scream, "Did you get it?" To which the usual answer is either, "Yep, wanna see?", or "No, I scared it into your lot." Meaning, of course, the particular varmit (usually rattlesnake) is on its way to your house.

People regularly remove big rocks with an explosive charge, but there is usually a notice left on the porch by the explosive company telling us to ignore the noise, it's not Jack's tractor exploding. Again.

So, don't be surprised by orders from rural Arizona; it's just folks wanting a new decoration for the tack shed or barn.

Nice product, good luck with it.