New program to interface Arduino to Windows

I made a little program to interface an Arduino to Windows and soon Mac and Linux:

I needed something to get traces from my Arduino programs and had a long airport layover… Note that Gobetwino will show output from an Arduino too, but for me ArduinoSpy is a bit simpler for just getting debug messages. And plus variety is a good thing. Some notes:

  • written in Python so once I get the kinks out I’ll release it for Linux and Mac along with sourcecode

  • minimal interface, and resizable and remembers window size & position.

  • single file, no installer or registry involvement. Sorry about the file size (8 megs), the program itself is tiny but I have to include all the Python libraries.

  • global hotkey: printscreen or scrolllock will connect/disconnect from the arduino. So if you need to upload a new version of your script to the arduino, hit printscreen to disconnect without having to focus on arduinospy.

  • can automatically detect your arduino

  • if you need to go to device manager to look up your arduino’s comport number, view → show device manager

  • button turns green when connected, red when not, so you can see at a glance whether you’re connected to an arduino.

This is most definitely a beta, and I haven’t tested on the dreaded Vista. Feel free to let me know how it works or doesn’t work for you or if you need it to do something it currently can’t.

wrybread at gmail dot you know what.

Thanks for sharing :)

Feel free to let me know ... if you need it to do something it currently can't.

It looks nice but perhaps I am missing something, it does not seem to much more than one can do now with the IDE Serial monitor. GoBetWino provides a mechanism for interfacing with programs running on the computer, are you planning to add that capability?

D'oh! Didn't know the IDE had that feature. Very very handy. Oh well, it still passed the time at the airport, and was good practice for me doing guis in wxPython from scratch.

But no I'm not giong to add interactions with the computer from this, gobetwino already exists for people who don't program, and for people who do its way easier to just script something in Python or whatever.

I suppose I could add support for Arduinos to another program I wrote called Control Freak, which lets you control a bunch of things on the computer from a variety of sources, and Arduinos would be easy enough to add.

By the way if anyone needs some code to interface an Arduino with Python, I'm sure there's lots of examples around, but here's the code that's the core of ArduinoSpy: