New project advice and help needed!

hey guys!

i am mechanically minded, but very new with small electrics and programming.....

i have a project in mind but dont really know where to start.

I dont have knowledge in this area, but i will and have to learn it!

from what i have read and seen so fare its pretty basic!

outline of project

  • ir temp sensor 1%-5% torrance, about 2inches - 1 foot away

  • different temp signal stages (beep/light) when selected temp is met.(selected temp by button) eg 20c beeps 50c beeps tiwce

  • different buttons change the temp difference. (4 different buttons) eg 25c beeps 58c beeps tiwce

  • the buttons temps can be adjusted via other buttons

  • display showing current temp and temp when adjusting (few other features but not need now)

  • beep sound adjustable and light adjustable.

money is a pretty big issue atm. going through some tough times!

any advise on best wat to approach this project would be great.

i have a scketch that i will make a bit more clear and upload that!

Did you buy an Arduino board ?
The Arduino Uno is the easiest board to start with.

For IR contactless temperature sensor, a Melexis sensor is mostly used. I think it is the MLX90614.

Is it for cooking ? Google for : adafruit sous vide
That uses a temperature sensor, not a IR contactless one.

You can find many displays at and
A I2C LCD shield can be attached to an Arduino Uno, They have often a few buttons. One of those is also used in that adafruit soud vide project. The Arduino Uno and the I2C LCD shield is a quick route to finish your project.

I have looked at the MLX90614.

the ir temp sensor need to work from about 6 inches too 2 feet away whiten the tolerances!

yes is for a type of brewing that involves heating in certain temp ranges.

but constantly changing whats being heated so its critical that its an ir sensor.

i had seen the adafruit. not the sous vide tho.


still on the search for a suitable ir sensor