New Project, Comunication Lamp RGB Bluetooh Ilink

Hello good day.

My name is Pedro And I am Spanish.

I would like to share my thoughts on the project I want to do.

I need to know if it is viable or not.

I have a controlled RGB Bluetooth lamp controlled with the Ilink APP application.

This is the lamp, now they are in fashion.

I am thinking of connecting my arduino by bluethoot using a HC6 or ESP32.

It is very important to send orders from arduino to this Lamp.

Do you think it is a viable project? Or is it a suicide because of the library or code that the factory lamp can carry?

Best Regards.

Suicide is a bit strong, but this is probably a bad idea. It seems that this device receives music via Bluetooth, and thus you expect to send it music from Arduino. Arduinos are unsuited for handling music.

IF the device plays its own music and you simply want to control the LED, then you probably can use Arduino, but you would have to know what the Bluetooth is about. I think you should check the phone app closely, as it surely has Bluetooth compatibility information.

An HC-06 is not likely to be useful as it is slave only, and you can be pretty sure the lamp is also a slave. An HC-05 is likely to be suitable but it is a BT2 SPP data device only. The ESP32 on-board Bluetooth is a BLE device and may be exactly what you need, particularly if the HC-05 isn't.

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