New Project For A Beginner

Hello, I will be using an Arduino Uno and I have 3 linear actuators I would like to control. The actuators are all Firgelli Automations and are as follows: FA-PO-150-12-6 FA-PO-150-12-8 FA-400-L-12-9 No POT on this one Can someone recommend a good shield/board that will drive all 3 of these and support the volt/amp requirements? We would like to control all 3 at once and use the built-in potentiometer to read the position of the actuator. We prefer to buy a shield/board versus building something from scratch. Also, what else do I need, i.e. pins, connectors, wires?

i would suggest using 3 relays, or a shield with the same kinda thing. Getting 3 relays and some wire would be much cheaper than a full-blown shield. The relays would need to be able to be ran with 5V from the arduino and be able to handle the volt/amp requirements of the actuators(12V i think). I would run the RED and BLACK wires through the relays and play with the other wires to try to get position control and/or feedback. I found the PDF for the first one, and I think all three are going to run about the same.

so have fun with those, wish I had the money to buy nice actuators like that....

An H-bridge motorshield would be also nice to use, that would give you the possibility to reverse the polarity of the motor easily. Unfortunately.... it's hard to recommend one, apparently the actuators run on 12 volt, but I can't find info on the current drawn in the PDF document.

With 2 relays it should also be possible to control the actuator, one Double Pole Double Throw relay to reverse the polarity and one to turn on/off the power. Keep in mind arduino is a controller, not a power driver and in most cases a relay is too much to handle for an arduino directly.

the arduino can run the relay, but you'd need a separate power supply for the actuators, thats what I meant