New project New to arduino Software Help

I am new to arduino and to programming. ladder logic is as close to a any programming experience that I have. So I have chose to go big for my first project and interface several arduinos with an android device. I would like to change how the arduino reacts to sensors and activate a motor and stop the motors with sensors. I have an Rboard from Itead studio which has an atmega328p and an xbee on board. I ralize that I will have to right a sketch for each mode if you will and change that mode with the android device. I also want to count motor actuations and display them on the android device. My question is what language should I program this in? I want to learn a language ,but would rather not learn several. I have read about the eclipse development software and many other programming aids. I am still a litttle cloudy on the best one to use. processing is the language I would go with if someone does not change my mind .Thanks so much for reading this post!