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Hi Makers,

I am currently Designing a stretching fixture to manipulate some parts. I am new to the Arduino world, however attending Makerfaire I was hooked. What I need is a list of parts to get started. The motor I plan on using is a Nema23. I’d like to be able to enter a distance (ex: .100") and the motor will move the ball screw “x” amount. Where do I start on what Arduino, Motor, Driver, LCD Display, Power Supply, etc.? Its an open playing field. I just need some help on where to start.

Attached is a screen shot of my fixture.

Thanks in advanced!


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I think you need to start by getting an Uno and studying several of the example programs that come with the Arduino IDE.

You will need a lot of background knowledge to be able to make effecting effective purchasing decisions.

Also study these links Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code


NEMA 23 only defines the motor's mounting face dimensions, nothing about electrical parameters or even that it's a stepper motor, could be AC, DC, pneumatic or even steam. :) Anyway, you first need to know the torque required and that depends on how much stretch force is required and the lead screw pitch, then how fast to move, etc., etc.

hey guys so this is what I've established:

Torque required: 4lbs lead screw: 10mm distance of travel: .100" to 1".

I'm Pretty sure a Nema 17 stepper would work just fine. What brand? How and where should i purchase this?

Thanks in advanced!

Goodesta: Torque required: 4lbs

Force is measured in lbs. Torque is force by the length of the lever so, for example lbs.ft or lbs.inch.


Pololu has a great selection of small steppers. They don't stock a million variants, just a few that are most useful to hobbyists.

They also have great drivers and power supplies.

4lbs/in! I’m sorry about that

Goodesta: 4lbs/in! I'm sorry about that

Just to be pedantic it is not 4lbs/in but (multiplied by, not divided by).