New Project Question, Can this be done?

Hi all,

I have a question and I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

I have two boxes, approximately fifteen pounds each, that will be situated with an axle running through both of them while they are stacked on top of each other. I will need to rotate these boxes after a time interval. I know how to code this type of event I just don't know what equipment I need to do this. So here are my questions.

  • Is this something that I would look to be able to program through the Arduino?
  • What hardware will I need to physically move the box?
  • Does this hardware connect directly to the Arduino board?
  • What Arduino hardware will I need to purchase?

Thanks in advance for your help/guidance.

After you have figured out how to build the electromechanical part, any Arduino can be used to direct any motor controller needed to effect the movement.


Thanks for the response. Can you direct me to where I might find out what the electromechanical pieces I will need to make this succeed. This is where I am struggling right now. I don't know what kind of hardware to look at to make this happen. Without knowing what I need, it's hard to know what to google.

Thanks again

You could start by providing a much better description of the machine. A drawing would probably help.

I really don't understand what you want to do -- for example, there is no problem finding a motor to rotate an axle.

Thanks again, sorry for the confusion.

The deal is, I don’t have a machine. All I have is two cubes, 24"x24". They will be positioned on a rod that runs vertical. I need each one to be able to spin clockwise/counterclockwise. Kind of like putting two building blocks on top of each other with a rod running through both of them. Then somehow turning them both independent of each other.

If I can get a computer hooked up to whatever can possibly turn these cubes, I can program it to do what I want. The hardware is my problem. It is a project I am tasked with. I’m not an electrical engineer, I’m a programmer. I don’t know what type of hardware I need to get this done or even if it is possible. I know this isn’t the greatest of descriptions but I don’t know how else to state what I need. I could create a drawing I guess but my drawing skills are worse than my electrical engineering skills.

Many thanks again.

Of course it is possible to suspend two boxes on an axle, such that each spins independently. You need an axle, a thrust bearing so that the axle can turn on the support (if necessary), individual bearings for the boxes, collars for the axle to support the bearings and boxes and pulleys or gears to spin the boxes.

This is all a mechanical engineering problem, not an Arduino problem. Your local well equipped hardware store has everything you need, plus some people standing around who would love to give you advice.

Much appreciated, that gives me a place to start.

Thanks again.